MY Start UP: Home Embroidery Business

Start an Embroidery Business at Home?

Start with less than 5,000$


    Have you ever thought about starting a homebased business of sewing and embroidery? If you have, and you love creating impressive embroidery patterns or monograms, then, this article is for you. This article will guide you step-by-step how to start Sewing and Embroidery Business from Home.


    Why Should I Start a Home Sewing and Embroidery Business?

    One of the main reasons that people start their sewing and embroidery businesses from home is because of their sheer love for it. Another very important reason is the business can be very profitable. Embroidery garments are everywhere. Everybody buys embroidered goods, especially for business’s purposes. Your market can be school uniforms, work uniforms, sportwear like running shirts and caps, home-use material like table runners and aprons. Embroidered items have more of a regal impression and look a lot classier than a transferred print, and embroidery technology is also a lot more durable and long-lasting.



Part 1: What Equipment Will I Need?


    Of course, this will depend on the range of business you’re looking to set up. And also, you need to take into account how much you’re expecting to grow – this will help save money in the long term.

  • A good &durable sewing and embroidery machine
  • Raw material: fabrics and threads (This depends upon the range of service you’re looking to provide to your customers.)
  • Other assisting tools: stabilizers, bobbins, stationery, scissors, measuring tapes.
  • Embroidery digitizing software
  • The packaging you need to send out your orders, such as cards, sellotapes, envelops, wrapping bags and etc.

If you have the budget, your business will operate more efficiently if you can purchase a full stock of materials that are ready to go when you receive orders.

    It is important to remember when you are running a business at the very start, you are not really making a profit for yourself, you are not really taking the money away from the business. Instead, all of the profit you make goes back into the business. Because this will help you grow your business.







Part 2: How Much Is the Initial Outlay?


The main outlay of starting up this business will be the investment into your machinery. The embroidery machine holds the piece of the fabric and moves the needle in accordance with a programmed pattern. It is important you choose the best embroidery machine with sewing function that suit the purposes of your business range. Another large expense is the embroidery digitizing software which allows you to customize complex logos and intricate designs. Investing in embroidery digitizing software will take your home embroidery business to new heights because it can help you customize your services to a great extent.  Below is an example of the initial outlay for a home sewing and embroidery business:

Sewing and Embroidery Machine

$ 3,800.00

Embroidery Digitizing Software

$    300.00

Raw Material, such as fabrics and threads.

$    300.00

Other Assisting Tools: stabilizers, bobbins, stationery, scissors, measuring tapes.

$    100.00

The Packaging you need to send out your orders: cards, ribbons, envelops, wrapping bags and etc.

$      50.00


Grand Total Initial Outlay:



$ 4,550.00





Part 3: Market Analysis & Market Segment


    Computerized embroidery is the most popularly used in most of the markets all over the world. It is mostly applied in promotional purposes in industry, such as: printing service, fashion design, household design, gift shops, interior design, art enthusiasts and etc. I know one of my friends who worked at a screen-printing company and he told me there were things that his screen-printing company would send to an embroidery company, because the process was more suitable for the material. This included golf shirts, caps (due to the shape it’s easier to do embroidery on than to print), winter jackets and hoodies. But embroidery is suited to a wide variety of garments including school uniforms, work uniforms, sportwear like running shirts and caps, home-use material like table runners and aprons.

     There is definitely good potential for this business as plenty of creativity is the key to identifying and harnessing various marketing opportunities. It is a crucial step that you can carry out an extensive market analysis and identified gaps in the market because this will help your business explores and grows revenue.