Kichuguu is a safe, secure and fraud-free platform where users can source quality and capable machinery from trusted and verified sellers with the best prices while being provided with detailed and essential industry-specific information such as capital requirements, employee and electricity requirements and environmental impacts before investing.
Kichuguu deals with the sourcing of machinery, raw materials, talent, and innovative technologies in the manufacturing industry from over ten thousand suppliers worldwide with over one thousand product categories. Kichuguu guarantees the quality of all machinery and reliable services ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
The whole process from Inquiry to receiving machinery takes about 20 to 60 days (depending on location).
Yes. Kichuguu provides after-sale service and support including installation, repair and professional trainings where required.
At Kichuguu.com there are over 1,000 product categories sorted by budget, type of industry, country of origin, factory size and running costs. the site also has product specific information and smart recommendation based on location..
Our head offices are In Guangzhou China, other offices are in Dar es salaam, Nairobi, Mumbai, Lagos, cape town, lima, Minnesota and Ho-chi-min.
Yes. Kichuguu provides a lifetime warranty for all machinery.