KICHUGUU is creating the factories of the future. As entrepreneurs, we create innovative ways and provide end-to-end solutions for other enteprenuers.

We are using speed, innovation and digitalization to transform the ways people buy machinery, start factories and source of raw material and talents, that the industry has never seen before. Our teams thrive on collaboration and embrace diversity as a driver of innovation. We believe that our people are the source of our strength and expertise, and the reason for our success. We are committed to the creation of an educated, inclusive environment, where everyone is valued and respected, no matter who they are. We know that learning is continual and are dedicated to investing in the future of our people.

We are putting purpose at the core of what we do at kichuguu to make a difference in production flows worldwide and in our communities. Our goal is to create the factories of the future to help enteprenuers navigate the digital economy and to improve the productivity as well as economy and social life of community we live and serve.  To find out about vacancy opportunity and more please e-mail us at