About Us

About Kichuguu.com

Launched in 2019, Kichuguu.com is aiming to be the leading fraud-free platform for sourcing machinery, raw materials for production, talent and technologies involved in manufacturing. The aim is to be the world-beater and to give the user all need-to-know knowledge about manufacturing before investing, and if one wish can use our platform to outsource the needed machinery. At Kichuguu we guarantee all sellers are genuine and aunthenticated by us, All machinery listed at kichuguu are of good quality and capable to produce what it intend. Looking forward to serve millions around the world!  


Our mission

Our mission is to Provide services for business progress

We do this by giving idustrialization stakeholders the tools necessary to reach a global suppliers for their machinery needs, and by helping established factories to find resources wether talents, land or materials from our listing pages. 

All under one roof

Kichuguu.com brings to you hundreds of thousands of machinery in over 400 different major categories, including agriculture and food processing, plastic and petrochemicals, shoes and garments, steel and aluminum, and so on . Our suppliers are from over 25 territories.

on our listing pages we offer news and ads for anything manufacturing related from land, governments policies, talent, hostels and anything needed to make your investment fruitful. 

one roof

on-time and on-quality

As a platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities.  we are working on making this platform multi-language to make communication more local.

 All our suppliers are genuine and certified and verified by leading organizations. The ads are authentic and genuine as displayed, and above all we promise reply within 24 hrs after sending the inquiry.