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Money on papers!


  1. Food-Kit Packaging (Bio-degradable packaging)
  2. Branded Paper Cup (coffee cups)
  3. Paper plates
  4. Paper Straws
  5. Napkins and Tissue paper
  6. Paper bags






Paper Drinking Straw Manufacturing



Food and Drinks business ideas never go out of style as everybody needs to eat and drink, several times a day. Thats why starting a business centered on food can be a truly rewarding enterprise. Environmental protection is responsibility of each and everyone of us. Good drinking paper straw is a rewarding solution to fight plastic, millions of plastic straws are used worldwide yearly and most of them end up harming our oceans and land. Paper straws are in huge demand, apart from being environmental friendly, also affordable and neat presentable. Now we will break it down for you on how to make money on drinking paper straws..



Machine needed






Basically paper straw making machine consist of several parts, auto-slicer, glue system, straw mold, straw winding, making and cutting machine, and a collection conveyor. If desired can come with an auxiliary packaging machine, and end-sharpening machine.

click to see the video (here add link to Kichuguu youtube channel)



Optimal output


For profitable business model, we recommend you look for machine output of at least one million standard straws per day (that is 5000 packs of 200 ); machine price start at 25,000 USD, you can start this business with 30K, that plus starting raw material and set up cost.



Raw material needed



Raw Material: 1. One-side PE coated paper reel and/or

2. glue

3. PE/ Paper wraps wraps for packaging



Where the money is?


Straws on average weigh so little—about one sixty-seventh of an ounce or . 42 grams—that all those billions of straws add up to only about 2,000 tons of the nearly 9 million tons of plastic waste that yearly hits the waters.


First and foremost, paper straws are much more expensive than plastic straws. On maximum, it costs about 2.5 cents just to create one paper straw as opposed to . 5 cents per plastic straw, five times more than plastic.


One box of 200 Pcs straws wholesale at around 6$ per box, at 0.025$ production cost, one box at maximum 5$, profit per box 1$



Daily Production : half a ton craft paper, around 5000 boxes

Profit: That about 5,000 USD per day !

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