Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line
Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line

Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line

Semi Automatic Frozen French Fries  Production Line is the smart choice for starting frozen french fries producing business. It is with low investment and low power consumption. Frozen French Fries can be kept longer than Potato Chips which are the reason why some nosheries and restaurants like cafeteria, McDonald and KFC cook frozen french fries to sell. This production line can produce high quality frozen french fries which comply with health standards.        

The production line consists of the following equipment: 
1. Cleaning and Peeling Machine.  Cleaning and peeling process at one time,  high efficient and low consumption.
2. Cutting Machine. Cutting out into strip, flake or julienne shape, or adjustable cutting sizes.
3. Blanching Machine. Rinsing and color protection of the cut french fries. 
4. Dehydrator. Centrifugal dehydration, reduce the time when drying, and improve the taste of the french fries . 
5. Fryer. Keeping the french fries' quality and taste. 
6. Removing Oil. Deoiling fried food to improve the quality and color so that the fried food more crisp and delicious.
7. Instant Freezing. To quick freezing the french fries in short time, fries center temperature at -18 ℃,  can the maximum keep the original flavor and product quality.
8. Vacuum Package Machine: when packing, put into nitrogen, can avoid break of the potato chips.

  • Country
  • :
  • China
  • Power
  • :
  • 55KW
  • Staff
  • :
  • 3-5people
  • Area
  • :
  • 30 square meters
  • Raw Material
  • :
  • potato
  • Environment Impact
  • :
  • Green and low power consumption
  • Production Capacity
  • :
  • 100-500KGS/HOUR
  • Other Produce
  • :
  • potato chips and some other dry fruit
  • Minimum Budget
  • :
  • $20001-$30000

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