Fully Automatic Peanut Bar making machine/Production Line
Fully Automatic Peanut Bar making machine/Production Line

Fully Automatic Peanut Bar making machine/Production Line

The automatic peanut chikki processing line includes heating, mixing,  platen, cutting and packing. It is mainly for peanut brittle, sesame candy and so on.
1. The production line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, automatic cuts composition, with simple operation, stir the finished size, weight consistent.
2. Far infrared heating, nonstick sides of casks, Stir Evenly, nonstick pot. Automatic control reciprocating motion, the average level. Automatic dicer, a molding, product size, weight consistent.
3.This line is made up of pressing machine, length cutting machine, breadth cutting machine. It is suitable for automatic forming for nut crisp, peanut brittle etc.
Themachine stirring, flatting, and cutting three processes are integrated together, without manual operation, it has realized the real automatic and intelligent operation. Improve the production efficiency, save the human cost.
2. Imitate human manual cutting principle, adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed, it can produce different products according to customers’ needs.
3. It has many reforming flat structure, flatting smooth, uniform thickness. Cutting speed automatic control, automatic feeding, horizontal, vertical automatic feed cutting food, square size can be customized.
4. PLC intelligent computer controlled, convenient and efficient, easy to operate.
5. This machine works continuously, no- stop slitting and cutting, improving produce efficiency,
 the output can reach 2000 pcs/min.
6. High speed head of slitting, the length can be adjusted freely, and it has no different length bars and incline phenomenon.
7. Spreading materials very uniformly. It uses unequal distance auger to separate all the materials very uniformly.
8. The products surface is pressed very smoothly, and the thickness of products is easily to be adjusted.

  • Country
  • :
  • China
  • Power
  • :
  • 3KW
  • Staff
  • :
  • 3
  • Area
  • :
  • 50M2
  • Raw Material
  • :
  • peanut , sugar
  • Environment Impact
  • :
  • Green
  • Production Capacity
  • :
  • 500KG/HOUR
  • Other Produce
  • :
  • Sunflower seeds bar ,sesame bar
  • Minimum Budget
  • :
  • $10001-$20000

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