Small Maamoul Production Line

Product Application

Small Maamoul Production Line can consist with the stamping machine make different type maamoul , we can make different maamoul mould . It's a multi functional encrusting machine with stamping and forming function together all in one,  with small size but more powerful,  join all the parameter setting together to one touch screen, easy to operate and maintain. 
The machine has one horizontal materials hopper and one vertical hopper, this type is mainly for meterials that is dry, losse, hard and not easy to extrude. It can be produced kubba, coxinha, croquette, two colors pastries, biscuit, pineapple cakes, moon cakes, coconut ball, mochi, sandwich biscuit, modelling of biscuits, red bean bun, meat bun, crystal balls, ect.

Details of Maamoul Making Machine

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 The food can be made by the machine :