plastic cup printing production line

Product Application

The equipment adopts relief printing two-side color words and patterns in plastic products surface with letterset method,and it can print four colors pattern in one time. It is widely used for printing yoghurt cup, ice-cream cup, fast-food bowl, and other cylindrical form or conical plastic product.


Main Function:

1. Automatic Incline type feeder, very easy to operate amd suit for many kinds of cups.
2. Cup driver can be adjusted easily and operate fluently.
3. Printing cylinder separates automatic when there is no cup or double cups
4. The roll gearbox can be automatic adjust the distance, ensure it is no shadow of cup surface.
5. The printing plate has specialized punch, which can be aligned accurately, quickly and operated easily.
6. Replacement of mould core or cup mould is convenient and fast.
7. Inspect function for problem cup by corona.
8. Printed articles sampling inspection function when working
9. Automatic counting by servo motor is more accurate, more easy to collect cup
10. Can be drive rubber model of transfer printing automatic.
11. Two motors two inverter to control printing system