Manual candle making machine

Manual high output manual candle making machine
 This product is a manual machine,it uses liquid wax as material.After pouring the liquid wax into the moulds on the machine,cycle cold water inside the machine will cool down and shape the liquid wax.Then turn or press the handle beside the machine to push candle out.This is a customizable product,candle size,shape and moulds number can be designed according to customer's require.
Product Description
1>The feature of candle making machine:
1.This candle machine can make common daily lighting candle,extruded cylindrical candle
2.Stainless steel candle mould tube can keep candle smooth and easy molding 
3.Seamless copper can keep corrosion resistance and fast cooling ,and to prevent rust
4.Candle length can adjustable for 3-4 mm,for example,if you required candle length is  16cm,then candle length can be adjust from 16-20 cm.
5.One people can operate 4 units candle machine.
6.Simple construction, small size, high mould precision