Cotton Towel Making Machine


Terry towel rapier loom  used to weave all kinds of spiral satin or small jacquard satin towel for face, tea, bath and floor etc. with the material of cotton, wool and blended yarns. 

    This machine use electro-magnet controlling ,the pilling device use active reed,so wool-looped’s height can take high or down easily. It can be implement loose switch for two different  height of looped pile during loom running, it can make various of towel. This frame of the system is very rational , the  performance is reliable, which can stably produce the wool looped of towel with high quality and grade production. Bottom warp adapts mechanic let-off which controlled by electromagnetism conversion. Towel warp adopts electrical let-off , and controlled by computer.
      Rolling-up also adopts mechanic let-off which controlled by electromagnetism conversion. It also can both let-off stopping and rolling-up stopping , in order to insure the regulation for the pick density.
      Dobby adopts electrical revolving dobby device, the size of shedding device and the position of harness frame could be adjust random. Loom controlling adopts computerize programme, operators can enter all kinds of controlling parameters to computer through keyboard and LCD screen.Automatically control the weft broken and warp broken.