Complete Fruit Juice Production Line

Juice uses all kinds of fruits as raw material, this production line includes working processes of picking, cleaning, crushing, separation, heating, cooling, juice, fermentation, aging, blending, membrane filtering, filling and sealing, sterilization, cooling etc.  The products have bright color, pure taste and rich aroma. And it also avoid the disadvantage of traditional process that color and luster of browning that puree (pulp, skins and seeds) inoculated fermentation brings. This process is suitable for the material of grape, apple, pear, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate, orange, mulberry, banana, litchi, longan and other juice  manufacturing. 

fresh fruit juice processing plant /line

Production line Details

1.Washing with sterilizing water and drain well, then turn over the bottle up automatically. Main structure and washing part are made by stainless steel, simple structure and easy adjustable; Less contact with bottleneck, which can avoid secondary pollution effectively.

2.Sorting  machine



5. Evaporator ​

6.Sterilization  system

7.Filling &Capping