cassava residue fertilizer production line

Product Description

The process of  fertilizer production line:

Product Description

The organic fertilizer manufacturing plant is to make organic fertilizer by some agricultural wast,it is relatively simple,and raw materials are cheap and common. The small and medium production line with low investment , high’s very suitable for investment and development .We can supply organic fertilizer production line from 10,000-300,000 tons/year.

Raw Materials 
1.Poultry manure:chick manure,pig manure,cattle manure etc.
2.Agricultural waste:leaves,stalk,bran,grits etc.
3.Oil dregs:Soybean residue,groundnut oil meal etc.
4.Household waste:leftovers,poultry bones,roots and leaves etc.
5.Industrial waste:sugar scum,wine lees, manioc waste,vinegar residue,furfural residue etc.

Main machines of organic fertilizer manufacturing plant 
1. Materials crusher
2. materials mixer
3. Belt conveyor
4. Rotary Drum Granulator(or Disc Granulator)
5. Rotary Dryer
6. Rotary Cooler
7. Rolling and Sieving machine
8.Coating machine 
9. Packing Machine


Materials crusher

Packing Machine


 Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary Cooler