candy production line

Introduction of High Efficiency Hard Candy Making Machine 

The hard candy production line is consisted by electric sugar cooking machine,cooling table,batch roller, rope sizer, forming machine, cooling sifter, packing machine and so on, can produce round,oval hard candy and column candy. Electrical integration control of the whole production line, easy to control the operation, ,is the ideal equipment for small and medium candy company.
It can make different kinds of candys,like hard candy,candy cane,spiral lollipop candy etc.

The Process of Candy Refining 

Sugar Cooking →Sugar Cooling →Sugar Rolling→ Rope Sizer →Candy Die Forming → Cooling Shifter→Packing Final Products.

1.Electric sugarcooking pot

2.Batch roller

3.Candy formingmachine

4.Rope sizer

5.cooling sifter

6.Water CycleCooling Table