Aluminium Container Making Machine

1- Feeding, lubricate, punching, scrap, foil container collecting automatically.
2- Very reliable as the controlling system adopts Siemens CPU 224 programmable logic controller (PLC) foraluminum foil plate & tray machines.
3- Machine is integration of Gas & Electrical, centralized control, so foil feeding length, speed and other parameters are easy to set.
4- With Auto counting stacker, aluminum foil container could count and stacked automatically.
5- Manual setting of the aluminum foils feeding length from 20 to 999mm by you.
6- With automatic lubrication system and aluminium foil material could lubricate automatically.

The features are feeding accuracy, coating even, saving material, high accuracy, neat appearance, small size, easy to install, operate, maintain, little noise, as a result, it is the ideal equipment for aluminum food containers & hardware products and so on.