Vacuum Freezer Dryer
Vacuum Freezer Dryer

Vacuum Freezer Dryer

If you are aiming at producing high quality dried food, this Vacuum Freezer Dryer is your best machine. It adopts vacuum freezing and drying technology which is currently the most advanced dehydrating processing technology in the world. Compared with the commonly used drying method, the freeze-dried food produced by lyophilizer features long period of quality assurance, good re-hydration nature, good-looking color, good flavor, taste and high content of nutritious components the dried food basically remains unchanged in its volume and shape, looks like sponge and has no shrinking.

FD series lyophilizers are consisted of food pre-freezing system, freezing and drying pot,heating system, vacuum system, refrigerating system, material conveying system and controlsystem, etc. The vacuum system adopts the combination of water-sealed pump and oil-sealed pump. The way of  heating is closed water circulation heating. And the condenser is placed inside heatingtank besides the heating plates. Of course, it can be customized according to the practicalcondition, for example, placed above the drying pot.

After some pretreatments, in a low temperature and vacuum surroundings, the inner moisture of the foodstuff will sublimate from solid state to gaseous state so that the foodstuff is dried.The whole processing line including the following parts
1. pretreatment system
2. freezing and drying tank
3. heating system
4. vacuum system
5. refrigeration system
6. material conveyor
7. control system

  • Country
  • :
  • China
  • Power
  • :
  • Heating power is 5kw, and cooling power is 4kw
  • Staff
  • :
  • 1 -2 people
  • Area
  • :
  • Roughly 15sqms
  • Raw Material
  • :
  • Such as vegetables, fruits, condiments, seafood, biological products, medicine, beverage, specimen,etc.
  • Environment Impact
  • :
  • Green plant
  • Production Capacity
  • :
  • It depends on the food type.
  • Other Produce
  • :
  • For food freezing and drying
  • Minimum Budget
  • :
  • $100-$10000

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