Mineral water production line (Cheap, Budget)
Mineral water production line (Cheap, Budget)

Mineral water production line (Cheap, Budget)

This is cheapest option for water production, it assumes source of water is city water supply or clean natural mineral water, also also assumes you will start with pre-purchesed preforms for making the bottles, filling and capping is semi-automatic

The required machinery

  1. Reverse osmosis water purification system 
  2. Bottle blowing machine (semi-automatic)
  3. Capping filling machine
  4. labelling and inkjet machine (can be done manual)
  5. carton wrapping machine (optional) 

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  • Country
  • :
  • China
  • Power
  • :
  • total power consumption is 15 KW
  • Staff
  • :
  • at least 10 people
  • Area
  • :
  • total size of factory including storage and machinery about 200sq.M, height at least 3 meters, length at least 15 M
  • Raw Material
  • :
  • Need to pre-purchase Preform for making the bottles, label for labeling and wrapping shrinkable plastic material, source of water
  • Environment Impact
  • :
  • no any emission to the environment, depend on your water source, some drilling may cause land corrosion
  • Production Capacity
  • :
  • Maximum of 5000 BPH
  • Other Produce
  • :
  • Bottled mineral water 500Ml, other bottle size require extra purchasing of moulds
  • Minimum Budget
  • :
  • $20001-$30000

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