Coconut fiber dryer machine for briquette making

Coconut fiber dryer machine for briquette making

Introduction of the coconut fiber dryer machine:
Drying is important before briquetting process. To get the superior quality of biomass briquettes with high density, it is necessary to control the moisture of material at 8-12% exactly. The selection of drying plant models depends on the original moisture content of raw materials.
Rotary drum dryer:
Rotary Dryer is special designed to dry the Wooden and power which combines the function of drying and cooling, so it can save 30-50% energy.
Rotary type dryer shows the features of perfect drying effect, easy operation, high efficiency and easy control of drying. It takes advantage of the stability of roller and homogeneity of air suitable for drying materials of moisture 40-70% .It has the larger capacity , can meet the high capacity need.
Parts introduction:
1、Heating stove
2、sealing ring
3、Buffer pipe and cyclone

  • Country
  • :
  • China
  • Power
  • :
  • 6KW
  • Staff
  • :
  • 5
  • Area
  • :
  • 100M2
  • Raw Material
  • :
  • Coconut fiber
  • Environment Impact
  • :
  • Low environmental pollution
  • Production Capacity
  • :
  • 500KG/HOUR
  • Other Produce
  • :
  • can drying Corn flour, flour, millet powder, etc.
  • Minimum Budget
  • :
  • $10001-$20000

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